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We are a platform that allows you to raise funds transparently. Every donation that enters the campaign will be recorded in the system. This makes it easy for you to take responsibility for total contributions to both donors and the public. Not only that, but access to online fundraising that can be done anywhere and anytime also makes Kitabisa practical to use.

Well, for those of you who are opening a fundraising campaign or want to help someone else’s campaign, it’s good to spread it so that more people know it. Let’s distribute the funds effectively in the ways below.

Use the sender application

Use the sender application

Various messaging applications can be used to spread funds, for example, LINE, Blackberry Messenger (BBM), and WhatsApp. According to data on the Kitabisa website, as much as 60% of donations are obtained through links distributed via Japri in sending messages. Send a link with a different message for each contact you go to. Also, take advantage of features in the application, such as WhatsApp status or LINE status.

If you want to share via a group, note the difference with chat. The advantage of this method is that it is much faster because it directly reaches the people in the group. Keep the message concise, concise, and clear and sufficient in one screen so that group members don’t need to scroll the screen.

Preaching in the mass media

The mass media can help spread the fundraising campaign more quickly. Some ways that can be done, namely asking for the help of acquaintances who work as reporters. You can also send articles related to fundraising so that the mass media reports on it.

Spread fundraising through social media

Spread fundraising through social media

Spread fundraising through popular social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Several tips can be applied, namely writing a fundraising link on the bio, marking family or friends in the post, writing personal stories related to the campaign, and adding photos. You can also spread the link through the direct messaging feature on each social media.

Not only that, do not forget to update campaign information regularly. Explain how it has progressed so that more people are motivated to make donations. Examples of stories you can share, such as a thank you to donors, the latest condition of the recipient, or the development of the amount of donations. If you can update information using photos, of course, it will be much better. This is because humans tend to prefer looking at pictures.

Advertise on social media

Unlike social media submissions, advertising costs money to reach more people. Advertising on social media is very profitable because the target can be targeted more accurately. For example, you are targeting specific places of residence, gender, age, or country.

Ask for help from public figures

Try asking for help from public figures or influencers to spread the campaign. The influence of popular public figures will make your campaign more visible and potentially move someone to donate. Discuss your situation with influencers so you can understand each other.

Those are some tips that you can do so that fundraising can reach more people. With a wide reach, incoming donations can be increased more quickly. You also play a role in inviting people to do good. Even though it is only a small favor, that kindness is very meaningful for the future of our brothers and sisters who are in need.