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The Change Heroes friend-to-friend fundraising platform is unique due to its ability to recruit higher numbers of new donors, raise funds faster and engage and sustain an ongoing donor base of millennials.




Change Heroes is the leader in peer-to-peer fundraising, and now we’re helping as many fundraisers as possible to visit the site of their impact, to meet locals, to build the house, to walk the halls of the schools. We believe that by connecting individuals to their impact and the people who they’ve helped, we can create a better world.

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As a community of Change Heroes and through our partnerships with remarkable charities and nonprofits, we have an amazing opportunity to quickly and cost-efficiently provide housing and shelter for hundreds of thousands of families living in slums, refugee camps, and temporary shelters in some of the world's most in need communities.

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As a community of Change Heroes and by partnering with remarkable charities and nonprofits, we have an amazing opportunity to provide education in some of the world's most in need communities. By funding the building of schools we not only give kids an education but we also provide a community gathering place for children and parents and make a lasting change that leads to even greater impact for those communities.

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As a society we are solving the previously unsolved health issues at an increasingly rapid pace, but there’s still more work to be done. The Change Heroes community has come together with industry leading nonprofit partners and charities to quickly raise new funds for tangible health solutions.

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We’re funding and building schools in Ethiopia.Donate to our effort.

Kevin Starke
100% finished
Kevin Starke - Kit & Ace, Vancouver BC
Over $12,000 raised.
Ryan Glidden
90% finished
Ryan Glidden - Mosaic Yoga, San Diego, CA
Over $9,000 raised.
Jason Carroll
50% finished
Jason Carroll - Kit & Ace, Vancouver BC
Over $4,000 raised.

Success Stories

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We helped Partners in Health raise $100,000 in 10 days. In a campaign for zero deaths from tuberculosis, 500 students were engaged across America.

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Children’s Wish Foundation BC & Yukon was seeking to reinvent their longstanding Exile Island team-based fundraiser.

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Friend-to-friend video has replaced door-to-door fundraising, mobile has eclipsed telemarketing, and social media is the new street team. There’s a new generation of donors and organizations need a new generation of tech to reach them. Check out our report on Friend-to-Friend Video Fundraising.

Personal & Video Driven

An average 4-5x ROI

Simple To Use & Tangible Impact

$246 average donation

Community Focused & Growing Fast

An average of 18 new donors per fundraiser

“We were super excited to have raised so much so far! It seems that there are many people that like the idea of a coffee a day...fabulous! Overall I think it has been awesome! :)”

Donna Moore
Tribe Leader and Committee Member, Children’s Wish

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"It was important for us to find a new platform to fundraise on that would reach out to millennials - Change Heroes is that platform."

Marc Kielburger
Activist and Founder, Free the Children and Me to We

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