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We are a community of passionate individuals who are united by our desire for change.
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Change Heroes was born from a life changing trip. When our founder Taylor Conroy returned from Kenya, he was changed. He saw firsthand where his charitable donation went to, and the impact the funds had on the lives of school children. But most importantly he knew that he wanted to give this gift to hundreds of more people just like him.

Our Impact

As a community we’ve raised well over $3 million across 40 different countries.

And the best part is that we have been able to fly hundreds of our fundraisers to their impact site to see firsthand the change they’ve created and to connect with the thousands of individuals that need our help.

Our Partners

With the help of Change Heroes’ video-first fundraising technology platform, our charity partners raise four to five times their typical amount while building a strong millennial donor base. Our online, peer-to-peer fundraising technology creates a unique opportunity for charities to raise more funds and build a recurring donor base.



Change Heroes is the leader in peer-to-peer fundraising, and now we’re helping as many fundraisers as possible to visit the site of their impact, to meet locals, to build the house, to walk the halls of the schools. We believe that by connecting individuals to their impact and the people who they’ve helped, we can create a better world.

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As a community of Change Heroes and through our partnerships with remarkable charities and nonprofits, we have an amazing opportunity to quickly and cost-efficiently provide housing and shelter for hundreds of thousands of families living in slums, refugee camps, and temporary shelters in some of the world's most in need communities.

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As a community of Change Heroes and by partnering with remarkable charities and nonprofits, we have an amazing opportunity to provide education in some of the world's most in need communities. By funding the building of schools we not only give kids an education but we also provide a community gathering place for children and parents and make a lasting change that leads to even greater impact for those communities.

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As a society we are solving the previously unsolved health issues at an increasingly rapid pace, but there’s still more work to be done. The Change Heroes community has come together with industry leading nonprofit partners and charities to quickly raise new funds for tangible health solutions.

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Our Featured Fundraisers 

Kevin Starke
100% finished
Kevin Starke - Kit & Ace, Vancouver BC
Over $12,000 raised.
Ryan Glidden
90% complete
Ryan Glidden - Mosaic Yoga, San Diego, CA
Over $9,000 raised.
Jason Carroll
50% finished
Jason Carroll - Kit & Ace, Vancouver BC
Over $4,000 raised.


We will only achieve the impact that we want in the world by working together with our community. Through a combination of thousands of volunteer fundraisers, dozens of charity partners, and the support of corporate sponsors, we are building the world’s largest community of people taking action through giving.

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